No, we provide you with a completely retrofit solution. The DroidHomes switch goes right behind your existing switchboards without any additional rewiring.
No, our product does not require any kind of extra wiring and is perfectly compatible with your existing switchboards.
No, only our main unit(DroidHomes-MU) is connected to the WiFi, all the other units are connected to the DroidHomes-MU in star topology via Radio Frequency.
NO, you have to purchase DroidHomes-Camera.
For the first year, we provide you with free premium support and guarantee. After that there will be a quarterly bill cycle, depending on the number units you have placed in your house.
No, the mechanical switches will continue to function even after you install our product in your house.
Yes, you’ll need internet in your house and your phone, when you want to control your switches from outside your home. You need to be connected to your home WiFi, to control the switches from inside your home.
We provide you services at your doorstep. Our team of installation personnel who will do the setup and integration for you, without any extra charges.
The DroidHomes-MU can be placed anywhere in the house with WiFi signal. Preferably near the WiFi router.
Yes, our device has been designed taking into consideration the spacing behind your switchboard and fits easily behind the panel.
Depending on your requirements, we will be providing you with number of heavy device controlling switches.
All appliances which come with a rating greater than 650 W are considered as heavy devices. Devices such as AC, geysers and refrigerators fall under this category.
Yes, your data will be stored on our servers. You can access recordings of 20 days from the server. You can download the data to your phone from the server when required.
Yes, we on our end can not view or download your stored recordings. Its secure and no one can access them.
Yes, you can view and record live feed of the camera from your phone from anywhere in the world.
Yes, you can use the same set of login credentials across multiple devices for simultaneous control.
The state of each device is stored on the server, once the power is back, all the state will be restored to the current state. No confusion will occur.
Our device can be configured with both Static as well as Dynamic IP
Your switches are not connected to the WiFi, so nothing will happen if anyone hacks into your WiFi. Unless and until someone has the Application and your username and password, nothing in your house can be controlled.